Cybersavvy UK began in 1997 in Upper Wensleydale as one of the first internet marketing companies in the world. Long before many people had heard of the Internet and before even Google!

Over the years, the company has worked with some of the largest, and smallest, businesses in and across the world – from Microsoft to UWN, B4RN to remote Bolivian communities. In UK and Europe, North America and Canada, and South and Central America. 

From almost day 1, the company has crowd-sourced skills from all around the world, to bring together those who can help deliver each project. This is now a common way of working, especially with fibre optic broadband connections, and after the travel restrictions of Covid, but it was much harder (and not an accepted working practice) for remote and virtual teams back in the late 90s.

We are currently working on augmented reality apps, podcasts, 21st century children´s books, internet marketing with a difference, and, of course, ewe-commerce (in our spare time!). The team are these days mainly digital nomads, and are spread around the world. Some of us have never even met in real life in all of these years!

The ethos of the company remains the same as the day it began – to drive communications between individuals and communities, and to encourage rural areas and businesses to share traditional crafts and skills, whilst also benefiting from modern technology.  

We are always interested to hear from artists, creatives, geeks – get in touch and let´s talk about the possibles of co-operation. communication and collaboration.

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